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On Weddings…

May 5, 2007

Just moments ago, I attended a wedding. I was a part of it as I was the emcee for the reception program. I’ve done lots of weddings in the past. For relatives, close friends, not-so-close friends… I even do it for a fee (some sideline, huh?!).

Everytime I see young couples take that big leap in their lives, I always wonder how it is like to be in their situation. Some say that the day itself is nerve-wracking. Some say that it’s one big sunny day… a time of their lives when the sun shines at its brightest!

During wedding ceremonies at church, I always pray for the young couple in front of the altar. I pray that their union be blessed and guided by God for the rest of their lives. Besides, it is during weddings that these young couples seal their love with prayer and promise to be with each other ’til eternity.

Today’s wedding was a simple one. But the love of the young couple exuded that made the ocassion as lovely and magical as we could ever imagine. They were bonded by friendship, love and faith… no doubt, they will be together for all eternity.

And as for me, I will continue on wondering how it is like to be in front of the altar with a promise of forever love… until that day comes. Only God knows when. 🙂

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